Road marking execution

Road marking is marking on highways which serves to communicate certain information to road users. Road marking establishes certain modes and order of vehicles and pedestrians movement.

Road marking is a mean of visual orientation of drivers and is applied both independently and in combination with other means such as road signs and traffic lights.

Road marking is carried out in order to improve the traffic management safety, increase the vehicles cars, road capacity and improve the roadway visibility, roadside conditions especially at night time. According to statistics, the road marking reduces the number of accidents by 15-20%.

Road marking (road surface marking)

There are different types of road marking: vertical and horizontal road marking. Horizontal road marking can be temporary or permanent. The horizontal marking is used for separation of traffic streams of opposite directions, marking of traffic lanes in dangerous places of a road, marking of the traffic way borders as well as marking of vehicles parking borders. Vertical road marking is a combination of black and white stripes on road structures and elements of road equipment, showing their dimensions and serving as a means of visual orientation.

The road marking both vertical and horizontal is quite a complex process. Special equipment and materials are required for road marking. Road marking should be strong and durable as its application costs certain money.

Earlier road marking was made by special coloring compositions. Such road marking quickly comes into disrepair. As practice shows, road marking made on old technology comes into disrepair after about 3-6 months depending on traffic intensity.

At the moment, the technology of road marking has stepped far forward. For example, today you can order the road marking with thermoplastic or cold plastic at an acceptable price. The thermoplastic road marking today is the most durable and effective. Such marking is made by means of a special sprayer both on horizontal and on vertical surfaces. The hot mixture shall be put on the road surface, and after cooling shall become quite strong and resistant to external weather and mechanical influences. As a rule, such type of marking is used on especially intensive and dangerous road sections.

The cost of such marking is slightly higher than usual, but it is worthwhile to say that the price pays off long-term operation. It is also worth noting that working with thermoplastic requires special equipment and certain skills. It is necessary to trust such work only to the trusted and reliable companies.

Cold plastic marking is also very effective and practically does not concede to thermoplastic in terms of durability. Cold plastic is a component spray that can be applied to both vertical and horizontal surfaces. The spray is composed of a special plastic and hardener. After drying the composition becomes quite strong and resistant to mechanical effects. The advantage of cold plastic is very obvious – the large equipment is not required for its application. Thus, in the vast majority of cases, the cold plastic marking shall be made on parking lots, petrol stations and similar places where there is no opportunity to use an equipment. The marking can be of different colors. For example, the yellow "checker pattern" in front of the speed bump is most often made of cold plastic.

Of course, new technologies are gradually replacing the old ones, but classical marking is still widely used. The service life of such marking is also constantly increasing due to the improvement of coloring composition production technologies. It should be noted that in comparison of all existing markings the classic painted marking is the cheapest and, as a consequence, much-in-demand. It is quite cheap to order the painted road marking and the majority of clients today choose this option. However, as already mentioned, the thermoplastic or cold plastic marking is much more durable.

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