Installation of speed bumps

Artificial road unevenness or a speed bump - is an artificial bump (elevation) on the roadway, used to limit the speed of vehicles. Artificial road unevenness operates according to the following principle: when crossing the speed bump with high speed there is a concussion of a vehicle suspension that inevitably leads to gradual failure of various mechanisms of the vehicle entailing considerable monetary expenses. In order to avoid early repair, having seen the artificial road unevennesses drivers are forced to move at a fixed speed.

Artificial road unevenness (speed bump) can be used in different climatic conditions as the temperature of its operation is from -50 to + 60 degrees Celsius. In addition, the latest modifications of road unevenness are equipped with an anti-icing system allowing to achieve maximum safety. According to the statistical data, road unevenness can significantly reduce the number of accidents involving pedestrians. The expediency of road unevenness usage has been repeatedly marked by traffic police bodies.

The recommended places of artificial road unevenness installation are the sections of streets near children's establishments (kindergartens, schools), polyclinics, hospitals, entrances and departures of petrol stations, construction zones, parking lots and other emergency-dangerous areas.

The SpecTradeTM LLC is engaged in installation of rubber artificial road unevennesses using designs that meet the requirements of traffic safety, manufactured in accordance with the requirements of GOST. We guarantee the quality and favorable conditions of cooperation.