Design, road traffic management

We will develop a set of executive documentation for construction (reconstruction, modernization) of traffic light objects!

Traffic lights are designed for sequential passage of road users through dangerous sections of the road network, as well as to identify conflicting road sections. Directly, the construction of a traffic light object, i.e. the traffic lights installation - a process that requires the creation and compliance with certain conditions. For example, a project consisting of several items must be developed. The following documents are included in these items: installation and construction drawings, work volumes statements; object electrical supply scheme, cable laying (feeding and control) scheme, grounding circuit construction, calculations of the power cable and voltage losses; number and names of materials to be used in construction; necessary road signs list, road marking scheme, traffic lights location scheme and their numbering, phase separation scheme i.e. switching of movement control phases, table of controller regulation and programming cycle; explanatory note. Therefore, there are not many companies producing the installation of traffic lights today the demand exceeds the supply.

Despite this, the flexible pricing policy is our advantage among the companies offering the service – the traffic lights installation. SpecTradeTM LLC offers complex services on development, coordination, and realization of road traffic management designs in cities and settlements, on objects of construction, including traffic lights objects. As in any self-respecting company, attentive approach and responsibility are the keys to our success. The installation of traffic lights produced by our experts is respectful, making an order for traffic lights (mounting and installation) in our company you get a comprehensive approach and guaranteed excellent results.

Executing construction of traffic light object we offer a wide choice of designs of different function. Unique methods of work, high-quality products from the best domestic and foreign producers and skilled employees allow to realize the most courageous designs of a customer and to execute installation of traffic lights quickly and at reasonable prices.